$750 Agricultural Scholarship  Application                                                                                                       
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Please complete all sections of the application. The application must be postmarked by 3/31/2020.

Section 1 – Applicant’s Personal Information



Date of Birth:

Student ID Number:


Year of Graduation:


Home Address (include zip code):




Mailing Address (if different than home):





Cell Phone:

Home Phone:


Email address:


Parent Name(s):

Parent’s Address (if different from applicant):

Parent’s Preferred Phone Number:


Section 2 – Academic Information

Name of High School:  __________________________________________________________________

Address of High School: ________________________________________________________________

GPA: _______   (must be 2.5 or above)

Favorite Subject in School? Why? _________________________________________________________


Anticipated Areas of Study: ______________________________________________________________


Section 3 –Activities and Interests

Please use extra paper if necessary.

A. List and briefly describe volunteer activities in which you have been involved.



Date of Involvement














Give a brief description of how you participated:









B. List any work experience:




Dates of Employment




















Give a brief description of your responsibilities:











Section 4 – Short Essays

Minimum word count:  50.  Maximum word count:  200 per question.


A.  Why did you choose the your field of study? 





B.  Is there any other information that we should know about you?  This is your opportunity to include information that is not contained in other areas of the application. Please be specific. 







Please attach one or two letters of recommendation from a teacher, coach, counselor, employer, or volunteer coordinator.





Signing this application gives the Sweet Corn Festival Scholarship Committee permission to request   transcript information from the school.  Signing, also, serves as a release to submit your name and picture to area publications.


APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE ______________________________________________DATE:__________

PARENT/ GUARDIAN’S  SIGNATURE  ______________________________________DATE:__________


IMPORTANT:  The scholarship committee will contact the scholarship applicants to set up interviews.  The applicants will then be notified within 2 weeks after their interview about their status.  The scholarships will be presented Saturday July 21, 2018 during the festival.  Recipients will have a specified area during the festival to display any projects, awards, etc. you wish to showcase.

Summary for submitting your application

Please submit the following to be considered for the Sweet Corn Festival scholarship:

1. Completed application form (including any additional papers used).

2. Letters of recommendation.

3. Recent headshot photo to be used in publications.

4. Signatures of applicant and parent/guardian.


Mail application to:                                                                                        SWEET CORN FESTIVAL DATES

The Marietta Sweet Corn Festival                                            Friday, July 17, 2020                5 pm to 9 pm

P.O. Box 194                                                                                      

Marietta, OH  45750                                                                    Saturday, July 18, 2020            Starts at 11 am


ATTN:  Scholarship Committee

More Info: Candis Schoeppner        
                       (740) 706-6465 (C)



You may direct any questions to your guidance counselor, also.